Second Place for GEBHARDT‘s ROLLFIXpallet

Second Place at the VDI Innovations Award Logistics 2013

„Four in one“ is the principle of the latest development from Gebhardt, a leading supplier for load carriers in Cham, Germany. Not only customers from industry and retail business are convinced, but also the jury of the German Engineer’s Association, who awarded the new adapter pallet “ROLLfixpallet”  with the second price of the Innovations Award 2012 in March 2013. The smart system eases transport and storage of dollies and thereby optimizes logistic processes by far.


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GEBHARDT MLT – The Modular Load Carrier

GEBHARDT-MLT – The Module Construction Kit
GEBHARDT-MLT – The Module Construction Kit

„The MLT (Modular Load Carrier) is a well thought-out modular construction system, which das not only at the beginning a variety of applications.

The standardization of containers, the separation oft he outer container and the interior fittings, as well as the repair-friendliness and the reusability oft he outer containers beyond project cycles distinguish the principle of the Gebhardt MLT.

Modern production technologies and high quality materials assure the sustained use of the product.

The MLT offers many different possibilities of implementation by individually designed interior fittings, which can be attached modularly to the outer container and therefore can be used for various applications in the field of special containers.

The availability of ready modules and assemblies allows us short delivery times for prototypes and serial load carriers, and therefore meets our customers’ shorter and shorter planning cycles."


For the effective handling of ¼ dollies in production and logistics

Fields of application

A condition for Gebhardt was that the ROLLFIXpallet can be used with all conveyor systems and ground conveyors. The construction is following the format of the UIC-pallet.Consequently, for the user reveal a variety of possibilities during the use on chain and roll conveyor systems, as well as for the storage of dollies in high rack depots.

Wheeled load carriers in block storage

At cross-docking, special offers consume large surfaces fro temporary storage. Thanks to the new ROLLFIXpallet, special offers can be stored in block depots as well.


The innovative Shoproller from GEBHARDT

Shoproller – Die ideale Lösung von GEBHARDT
Shoproller – The ideal solution from GEBHARDT

Shoproller is the name of the latest development from GEBHARDT Food & Retail Solutions. The rolling container market leader developed this multifunctional product especially for in-store use in the food retail sector.

In addition to advantages in warehousing, such as clear arrangement, flexibility and stackability, the Shoproller offers further advantages in the sectors of handling, functionality and quality. This means that the different procedures in the retail stores are streamlined and made considerably easier.